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The Student Associations Consultation Platform (STOP) Leiden is the representative platform for study associations in the University city of Leiden and The Hague. Being representative is the main objective of STOP. This means that we organize meetings to listen to the opinions of board members of many very different study associations and their voices when it comes to issues that concern them and probably others. Obtaining this information and views of the association goes through meetings organized by STOP, personal conversations with the member associations and attending various faculty association meetings.


A second priority for STOP is the bringing together of the various study associations our ‘’city of keys’’ (Leiden) is rich of. We do this on the aforementioned times when the study associations come together, and to speak about their concerns. We organize StOP meetings to share experiences and tips on for example the different types of acquisition done by the member associations, so that our members in this area can learn from each other. This year we will organize an Interfacultary Congress, where all our student associations are welcome, so the various students of the faculties and disciplines will be able to take a look at the fields they normally not necessarily encounter in their studies.


Our members can thereby always come to us when they encounter problems within their administrative year. If this were the case, the STOP can give advice based on a comprehensive vision on the issue and how to solve them.


Janne van der Ploeg
Roos Neven
My name is Janne van der Ploeg and I am 22 years old, student of the Master CLinical Neuropsychology and for the upcoming year, I will be the president of the StOP-board! Besides this, I will be the contactperson for the Humanities faculty and the LUMC, and I will attend the meetings of the 'Commissie Overlap', the activity for board members, the Grand Associations meeting and the sustainability workshop. I am looking forward to this year and hope to meet you at the CoBo's!
My name is Roos Neven, I am 21 years old and I study Political Science: International Relations and Organisations (the Dutch track) and History at Leiden University. This year I will be the secretary of the StOP board. I will be responsible for the media, promotion, internationalization and the Grand Associations meeting (GroVer). Besides this, I will organise the 'Leidsche' debate together with the appointed committee. I will also be the contact person for the faculty of Social Sciences and the faculty of Law, by being present at the associations meetings of this faculty and keeping in touch with the associations of these faculties. I am looking forward to meeting you this year!
Diewertje Munten
Gaby de Bruin
Commissioner of Internal Relations

My name is Diewertje Munten, I am 23 years old and study Psychology at the faculty of Social Sciences. This year, I will be the treasurer of the StOP board! I will be responsible for the contact with the University of Applied Sciences. Besides this, I am responsible for the BHV and First Aid courses and the Interfaculty Congress. I am secondarily responsible for the 'Commissie Overlap', the Grand Associations meeting and the Sports tournament. For this, I will use the experiences I have had during my board year at the study association for Psychology Labyrint. I look forward to meeting you. 

My name is Gaby de Bruin, I am 21 years old and this year I will be the Commissioner of Internal Relations in the StOP board. I am in the foourth year of my study Public Administration and am following the minor Safety, Security and Justice. Last year, I did a board year at the Study association for Public Administration (B.I.L.). I will use the knowledge I have gained last year, to commit myself well for the study associations of the Faculty FGGA and the honours association that I am responsible for. Furthermore I will be responsible for the Interfaculty Party, the sports tournament and the study associations guide. I am really looking forward to seeing you this year!

Megan Hulscher
Commissioner of External Relations & Vice President

My name is Megan, I am a 21 year old biology student and this year, I will have the function of the Commissioner of External Relations. I will thus mainly be responsible for external contacts. Therefore, under my responsibility fall the acquisitions meeting, the book deal and the alumni training, but I will also arrange the GDPR and diversity trainings. Furthermore, I will be the contact person for the faculties of Science and the faculty of Archaeology and I will also keep in touch with the University of Applied Sciences. I am really looking forward to this year!


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