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Becoming a StOP Board Member

Updated: May 24

During this time of the year, many associations are busy finding a new board for the next academic year. We can imagine that this is an exciting time, but also a bit sad at the same time. You may not be mentally finished with your board year at all. The StOP may be a good solution. Like all our member associations, we have also started recruiting a new board: the 10th 25th board of the Study Association Overleg Platform. However, you may

have some questions about becoming a board member, what the experience has been of the current

or even previous boards. For that, we have created this information booklet! Like the title says, in this booklet you can find all the ins and outs of becoming a StOP board member. We hope to get you all excited whilst reading, so enjoy!

If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy to answer all

your questions and tell you more about our experiences and tasks!

StOP Board Information Booklet
Download PDF • 37.46MB

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