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Board Career Development - Board Slump

Dear board members,

Hello again, it has been a while since the last blogpost. In this blogpost I would like to talk about one of the reasons I haven’t written for this blog last month. Something I like to call ‘bestuursdip’ or the ‘board slump’.

Last year I experienced feeling a bit down around February and my board tasks became a bit overwhelming. This influenced my functioning as a board member and I was falling behind on some tasks. But most importantly, I was not feeling okay. As I talked to others about this, I noticed that board members around me were experiencing the same. I have been experiencing a similar slump the past few weeks, which makes writing this blog a challenge. Maybe you are experiencing something similar right now, or know someone who is. I want to tell you, that this is perfectly normal and you are not the only one!

I had difficulties getting out of this slump last year, also because COVID-19 hit right in the middle of my struggles. But when looking back at this period, there are a few things that helped me get through and are helping me at the moment. First, talk to your fellow board members about feeling this way. They can step in to pick up some tasks, or be a great support system. Sometimes, talking to predecessors can be of value as well. They might have experienced something similar and can offer advice. Talking about feeling like this might be difficult, but you might be surprised how much others would like to help you!

My biggest realisation was my inability to set boundaries. It is very important to set boundaries, otherwise your tasks will consume you. If you need more time off, you have to create that for yourself. Maybe sit out on an activity or meeting, take a few days off or let someone else pick up a task or two. Setting boundaries regarding working hours is important as well. Specify a time at which the day ends and stop with board related tasks for the rest of the day.

Of course I hope this blog post does not apply to you, but if it does I hope this might be a reminder to take care of yourself! If you would like to know more or would like someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Lots of Love,


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