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About StOP

The Study Association Deliberation Platform (StOP) is the consultative body for all study associations related to studies at Leiden University and Leiden University of Applied Sciences. StOP know four key objectives.


Communication is key. We aim to streamline and coordinate the various communication between the educational institutions and the member associations, as well as amongst the associations. In doing so, we also focus on advocacy on behalf of the associations.


We actively stimulate the sharing of knowledge between our individual member associations. That is why we organise multiple consultations, meetings and training courses on various subjects.


Connecting the various study associations is crucial for our student community. We are facilitating this by stimulating collaborations in committees, promoting member association activities and hosting informal events.

Societal Involvement

We are committed to enlarge the social involvement of our member associations. Much attention is being paid to diversity, inclusion and sustainability through thematic trainings and meetings throughout the year. 

About StOP
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The Board

Every year, a number of students are involved in the management of StOP. In academic year 2022-2023 this is the 11th 25th board. Find out more about who they are and what they do below. 

The board

Sophie 't Hart


My name is Sophie 't Hart and I'm the President of the 11th 25th board of StOP. In addition to this, I hope to obtain my Bachelor in Psychology this year.  

My primary portfolios are Alumni, the Internationalization Committee, the National Deliberation Platform, the Emergency Response and First Aid Courses and the Sports Tournament. I will be the first point of contact for the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine. I am also secondarily responsible for the Forum for Small Associations and Student Wellbeing 

I am very excited to meet many board members from our member associations and hope that StOP provides them with plenty of useful information and contacts. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!


Marc Wijnands


My name is Marc, and I am the Secretary of StOP during the academic year 2022-2023. As the Secretary of the 11th 25th StOP board I do not only keep the minutes, but I am also responsible for most of the official communication and administrative tasks. Besides StOP, I am also a third year Bioinformatics student at the University of Applied Sciences, where I am also a Teaching Assistant.


My primary portfolios at StOP this year are: Act on Management and Supervision of Legal Entities (WBTR), Forum for Small Associations (KleVer), Interfaculty Party (InFaFe), Lead contact Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Leadership, Promotional Training, Study Association Reader and Sustainability. My only secondary portfolio is the National Deliberation Platform. In addition, I will be the contact person for the Leiden University of Applied Sciences.


I hope this year will be a year of (re)discovering the fun in workin gtogether, and learning a lot along the way. If you have any questions about my portfolios, do not hesistate to ask me a question via email!


Marit van der Heide


My name is Marit van der Heide and this year I will be the treasurer of the StOP. I am also a third-year political science student.
My primary portfolios are Student Welbeing, Diversity & Inclusion and Confidential Advisors. I am also secondarily responsible for the Leidsch Debate, the Interfaculty Congress and the Overlap Committee. I am also the first point of contact for the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and will join Marc in talking with Leiden University of Applied Sciences. I hope that this year I will be able to meet the needs of our member associations as well as possible and thus contribute to the study associations in Leiden.
If you have any questions about the portfolios I am responsible for, you can always contact me!


Lotte Vinkenoog

Commissioner Internal Relations

My name is Lotte, and I’ll be the Commissioner Internal Relations within the StOP board this year. Apart from this, I’m doing a research master in Cognitive Neuroscience.
The portfolios I will take on this year are Acquisition, Board activity, Forum for Large Associations (GroVer), and GDPR. Furthermore, I’ll be guiding the organisation of the Interfaculty Congress, and I am the contact person for the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Faculty of Science. Apart from these primary responsibilities, I will also assist my fellow board members as the secondary responsible for the Emergency Response and First Aid Course and the Internationalization Committee/Van Bergen Fund.
If you have any questions regarding one of these portfolios, feel free to contact me!


Jimmy Diekman

Commissioner External Relations
& Vice President

My name is Jimmy Diekman, i'm 22 years old and currently studying the bachelor History. Last year I was the treasurer of the EL CID, but having met the previous StOP Board I couldn't restrain myself not to sign up.

This year I will be the external relations commisioner, under my responsibility falls the maintaining of the website and all social media channels, and I will be in contact with the introduction weeks. Apart from that, I will stay in contact with the higher ups at the Leiden University, supervise the organisation of the Leidsch Debat, and I will take a seat at the table at the Overlap Committee. Furthermore, I am the contact person for the Faculty of Humanities and archeology.


Please feel free to contact me if you want to receive more information, have any questions or just want to drink a cup of coffee with me.

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