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Below you can find an overview of all the activities StOP organises throughout the year. By clicking on some of the individual activities you can find more information. You can also find a calendar with all the upcoming activities. 



StOP organises several meeting throughout the year. During these meetings board members from the member associations come together to exchange knowledge, brainstorm and ask questions. Each meeting is being held under a different topic.

​- Alumni 

- COVID-19 Support 

- GroVer

- Internationalisation

- KleVer

- Promotion

- Sustainability


For the various trainings that StOP offers, a guest speaker or trainer will be invited who are experts in the topic that the training is about. During the training, the guest speaker will give the board members a hands-on approach on how to deal with that certain topic within their association. Each training deals with a different topic.

​- Act on Management and Supervision of Legal      Entities

- Alumni 

- Diversity 

- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

- Promotion

Interfaculty Activities

During the year, StOP organises a few Interfaculty Activities together with a number of study associations. These activities are open to all students and are meant to connect students from different faculties with each other. The interfaculty activities this year are:

​- Interfaculty Congress

- Interfaculty Party

- Leidsch Debate

Festival Crowd
vrienden Party

Other Activities

Besides meetings, trainings and interfaculty activities, StOP organises other events that do not fall under either one of these categories. These are usually social activities aimed at connecting students and associations.

​- Board Activity

- Board Interest Drinks

- General Assemblies

- Sports Tournament

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