Below you can find all the study associations in Leiden and the Hague that are a member of StOP. Here you can also see for which studies or fields they are active. By clicking on their logos, you will be redirected to their website.

Albion - English Language and Culture
Aesculapius - Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
B.A.S.I.S. - International Studies
B.I.L. - Public Administration
bnsl logo.jpg
BNSL - Notarial Law
Chemisch Dispuut Leiden - Molecular Science & Technology and Chemistry
Collegium Classicum M.F. - 
Greek and Latin Studies
CoDe - Criminology
custodia logo.jpg
L.S.A. Custodia - Security Studies & CSM
Dispuut Pleyte - Old cultures of the Mediterranean world
De Leidsche Flesch - Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science
Elsa - European Law
Emile - Educational Sciences
epione logo.jpg
S.V. Epione - Nursing Study
exon logo.png
S.V. Exon -  Bio-informatics
F.D.L. Gibalaux - French Language and Culture
Fortuna - Leiden University College The Hague
HSVL - History
logo intens.jpg
S.V. Intens - Fysiotherapy
Interlatina - Latin-Americastudies
Itiwana - Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
JHV Themis - Honours College Law
Logo Grotius.jpg
JFV Grotius - Law Faculty
juventas logo.jpg
Juventas - Education
Labyrint - Psychology
L.A.S. Terra - Archeology
Leidse Biologen Club - Biology
Le Tre Corone - Italian Language and Culture

LHC - Leiden Honours Community

Libra - Law
LIFE - Life Science & Technology
Logo LKV.jpg
L.K.V. - History of Arts
lsk logo.gif
LSK - Minor Child Abuse
Maktub - Movie and Literature
MensSana - Applied Psychology
M.F.L.S. – LUMC Faculty
MOST - Russian Language and  Culture
logo nnp.jpg
Nieuw Nederlands Peil - Dutch Studies
Nucleus - Chemistry and B&M
Pecunia Non Olet - Fiscal Law
logo pur sang.png
LSV Pur Sang - Commercial Economy
Sheherazade - Middle Eastern Studies
shift logo.png
Shift - Industrial Ecology
S!MP - German Language and Culture
SLN origineel.jpg
SLN - Employment Law
Sophia Aeterna - Classical Languages
SOS - Criminal Law
SPIL - Political Science
logo ssw.png
SSW - Social Work
Logo Suum.PNG
Suum Cuique - Civil Law
SVS - Sinology
Symposion - Philosophy
Syntax - Informatics
Tanuki - Japanese and Korean Studies
T.F.L.S. - Religion Sciences
T.W.I.S.T. - Linguistics